Life Celebration

26th September 1971 - 6th August 2020

Edward (Edu) Inigo Mwakio

It is with deep sadness that we announce the sudden passing of Edward Mwakio, Managing director of EIM solutions on Thursday 6th August 2020

Husband to Carla Martyres and doting father to Enrique and Eneko.
Son of Roman Dalmas Mwakio & the late Maria Iciar Urrutia Bolumburu.
Brother to Aitor and Idoia. Brother-in-law to Jacque Ndung'u and Miguel Lopez Cochero (spain). Uncle to Itziar and Izaskun.
Nephew to the late Emmanuel, the late Samwela, the late Gladys, Sabina Machocho, Helena Moka, Sister Regina Moka CPS, Izaskun Urrutia and Martin Urrutia (Laukiz, Spain)


Online Mass service will be streamed here Funeral will be private in keeping with COVID-19 protocals


Memorial book Edward Mwakio - Memorial book 13th Aug (pdf).

Order of Service

Master of Ceremony Andrew Musangi

Entrance Hymn Here I Am Lord

First Reading & Responsorial Psalm Psalm 3:1-6.9

Billy Indeche

The Gospel

Prayers of the Faithful

Jacque Ndung’u

Communion Hymn

You Raise me up


James Gitau Singh



Sartaaj Singh Rihal


Edwin Ngonga


Aitor Mwakio (Brother)

Idoia Mwakio (Sister) – Audio File: Idoia Tribute to Edu

Enrique and Eneko (Sons)

Audio File: Idoia Tribute to The Boys

Vote of thanks

MC-Andrew Musangi

Recessional Hymn

How Great Thou Art


  • Edu, words cannot express our immense sadness at your sudden passing on. You were a boss who was beloved by many and everyone has their favorite stories, memories and quotes that reminds us of you.
    “Benga bale, goodman”, “Haya twende kazi”, “You guys are jokers (mentioning someone’s name)”, and many others.

    Edu you were our big brother, friend, mentor, “captain of this ship” and a great leader that has left indelible footprints for us and others to follow. Your knowledge, wisdom, dedication, courage, commitment and confidence are the jewels in the crown glory of EIM.

    To Carla, Enrique, Eneko, Mwakio Senior and the entire family, our heartfelt condolences.

    Shine on your way and rest in peace Edu.

  • The older I get, the more I think you only get a minute, better live while you're in it because it's gone in a blink

    And the older I get, the truer it is, it's the people you love, not the money and stuff that makes you rich

    The older I get, the fewer friends I have, but you don't need a lot when the ones that you got have always got your back

    And the older I get, the better I am at knowing when to give and when to just not give a damn.

    Till we meet again..

    Tu Amigo,

  • Edward was our unforgettable and much loved classmate in primary school until Standard 7. All we have are our childhood memories of him as 10 year olds and we are heartbroken.

    Edward was the best classmate anyone would want. Even after many years we can still vividly recall his huge cheerful smile and tremendous energy just as though it was yesterday. He always had a smile on his face no matter the situation. For Edward, the sun was always shining.

    He was very energetic and got up to all sorts – he made our school-life fun! He was always surrounded by a posse of friends – in class, at break time, after school and can be remembered as either coming from a friend’s house or going to a friend’s house. He was indeed a role model who we aspired to and wanted to be friends with.

    We remember Edward for many things in school, but in particular Edward was a clever child, bright, intelligent and very competitive. He worked incredibly hard, every day in singular pursuit of his goals (which was to be first in class or to get the highest marks) and he would be hugely disappointed if he was not top. He was a high achiever. Edward gave us all a run for our money in terms of hard work and academic excellence.

    Despite his focus on excellence, Edward also managed to excel in getting into trouble. Among his top interests was shooting painful paper peas from biros and catapults – in class - whilst managing the art of looking incredibly innocent!

    At school, Edward mostly feared his Mum who was a stellar mathematics teacher. Edward had extra troubles compared to the rest of us as he had to hide his cheeky naughty side from teachers as well as his Mum! But Mrs. Mwakio had set a high bar for him and did not delay in reminding him to be on his best behavior which happened frequently.

    For a long time Edward and his brother wore knee length shorts to school, which was not the standard uniform. But that was the style since young boys in Spain wore long shorts! They also wore T-bar buckled shoes. They stood out in our Nairobi school for their Spanish school-boy style!

    Edward was sporty. He was very good at playing football and was in the football team. Edward was also brave and adventurous. He could dive from the highest diving platform at our new swimming pool which was miles up in the sky - whilst most of the rest had to be threatened or pushed to jump off the platform with eyes half closed.

    Edward lived with passion and knew how to get results. We fondly remember his hearty laugh and reverberating voice. He was full of life and joy and expected you to be serious when it was time to be serious. Edward was sharp, witty, generous, a loyal friend. He was a deep person who could connect with us because he was a keen and empathetic listener. Losing Edward hurts terribly.

    Edward was a special classmate who made an impact on us all. We are so proud of everything he achieved and who he went on to become. We say asante sana to Mr. Mwakio and the Late Mrs. Mwakio, Aitor and Idoia, for a job well done as parents, brother and sister.

    We feel privileged and honored to have shared our childhood years with Edward. He will never be forgotten. We shall remember to go through our day with that positive attitude that Edward lived, and carry his joyous spirit in our hearts forever.

    To the Family and especially his young boys, may Our Lady of Consolata hold you in her arms and comfort you.

    Rest in peace our dearest classmate, our dearest friend, we loved you so much. Until We Meet Again.

  • A visionary leader – zealous and resolute, yet respectful, impartial and benevolent – this was Edward! It’s not every day that you find these diverse qualities encapsulated in one person. His demise has hit SAP Africa and our extended network hard.

    Edward flew the SAP flag high – an ardent ambassador. He was passionate about customers, employees, and the larger ecosystem in which EIM operates. His passion and professionalism were contagious, and his big heart was manifested through his constant willingness to selflessly support, even when it was difficult. But most admirable of all was his trustworthiness. Edward was a man of his word.

    Losing Edward has shifted the equilibrium, and we at SAP feel the huge void that his passing has left, but we are ever grateful for the opportunity to have interacted and worked with him.

    Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with Edward’s family, loved ones, and the entire EIM family. Let us memorialize him by continuing to live his passion, positivity, and commitment!

    He remains in our hearts and memory.

  • Le décès prématuré d'Edward Iñigo Mwakio nous laisse tous sous le choc. En effet, c'est une triste nouvelle et une grande perte.

    Jusqu'aujourd'hui, je ne pouvais pas croire ce que je lisais. Nous connaissons la famille Mwakio il y a plus de 30 ans, lorsque j'ai été affecté pour la

    première fois à Nairobi en 1989 pour les Nations Unies.

    Edward était un jeune homme énergétique, plein de curiosité. Six ans après avoir terminé sa Maîtrise en Commerce, Edward a obtenu une bourse pour un poste à la division de Recherche et du Projet de Développement au sein de l'UNCHS (Habitat).

    Edward était un citoyen du Monde, aimé de tout le monde, collègues et amis. a été un modèle pour sa génération, inspirant et encourageant ses bourreaux de travail, toujours prêt à aider, un panafricaniste, il aimait le Kenya, son pays.

    Nous nous souviendrons toujours d'Edward en tant qu'homme d'affaires. l Lot à nartager les meilleurs pratiques, à chercher des solutions et il était aussi un bon écouteur. En tant qu'Érudit, il va au-delà de la spécialisation.

    Dieu nous l'a donné et Dieu l'a aussi ramené dans sa Gloire. Nos sincères condoléances et nos prières à toute la famille dans ces moments difficiles.

  • Somewhere in my dreams tonight I’ll see you standing there You’ll look at me with that Edu smile And say ‘Life isn’t always fair’

    What can I say about Edu that has not already been said thousands of times since last Thursday when we all heard the unthinkable? I can only speak to what he meant to me personally, and to the larger Ligale family.

    I met Edu when I was around 6 years old. He was the Senga’s neighbour and Etta and Claire were good friends in school. You never imagine that from such chance meetings would grow a decades’ long friendship and brotherhood.

    Some have attested to his incredibly good football skills when we were growing up. As we say, when Edu turned up to our home in Kile to play ball, he always spoilt the bash. Too many skills, prompting some of us to threaten to take our ball away…

    Through his high school he and Eric, my late brother, grew ever closer. The Changerian and the Stratherian (is that a thing???). There were many bashes at the folks’ place and Edu was always in attendance. As more friends came and joined the ‘Kile Crew’. Off Eric went to uni and I was left in the care of Edu and kina Muda. My surrogate older brothers. It was not unusual for Edu to appear at home, pop upstairs to see Mum, have some masala chai, then come down to check on me. He did the big brothering so effortlessly, that it never seemed to be anything exceptional… That was just how he was… Making the extraordinary, commonplace.

    Once uni was complete for them, I was the ‘Summer Bunny’ and with Eric working at the Coast, the same surrogate son/ brother dynamic continued. Suffice to say, between Edu, Muda and Mukite, I never had a quiet weekend when on summer vacation!!!

    Then the unthinkable happened! Eric passed away so suddenly and we were left devastated, as a family. How Edu and the boys came together to support my parents and sisters, as I made my way from the UK, is something I remain eternally grateful for. But Edu went a step further and honoured Eric’s memory, by naming his first child after him. Enrique. From the time we were young, Etta, Eric and my friends have always gravitated towards each other.

    Today we are a large group of close friends… A family… A family that chose each other, love each other and are there for each other. On Thursday, we lost one of our brothers… The one most of us would call ‘our favourite’ brother. We will miss your kindness, generosity, strength, loud pere-pere ness and your opinions… Always offered… You were one of a kind. And I hope you are now taking it easy with your lifelong friend and brother, Eric.

    You went away so suddenly We did not say goodbye But brothers can never be parted Precious memories never die


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